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The Christian Writer's Market Guide by Jerry B. Jenkins - $19.99
The essential tool for selling your writing. Lists book, periodical, greeting card/specialty, and devotional markets as well as writers’ conferences and groups, editorial services, agents, and contests.

A Complete Guide to Writing for Publication ed. by Susan Titus Osborn—$15
So you want to see your name in print? Or maybe you’re already a published author, but you’re ready to venture into different markets. Twenty-four of the industry’s top experts in the field of writing and publication will teach you how to write a variety of manuscripts. Topics include magazine articles, books, poetry, fiction, devotionals, children’s and teens’ books, gift books, editing yourself, selling your writing, working with agents, and making a living as a freelancer.

An Introduction to Christian Writing by Ethel Herr—$17
Reading and using this book is like taking an independent study course. In addition to the easy-to-understand nuts and bolts about writing and publishing, completing the practical assignments will move you from a beginner to a published author.

You Can Market Your Book by Carmen Leal—$15
The days of publishing houses doing all the marketing for a book are over. So whether you go with a royalty publisher or self-publish your book, you will have to market it if you want it to sell. This book is filled with Practical, low-cost ideas, strategies, and case studies guaranteed to get your book to the people who need it, even if you’re not an extroverted salesperson.

Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript by Chuck Sambuchino, et al.—$22.99
If you want editors to read your manuscripts—no matter what genre they are—you need to submit them in proper formats. This guide shows you how with clear instructions and full-page samples.

Write His Answer: A Bible Study for Christian Writers by Marlene Bagnull—$14
All writers—including those who have been publishing for years—go through times when they need encouragement and a refocusing of their perspective. Marlene provides both in this book. She takes readers into God’s Word to spend time with Him, as well as sharing her own struggles to let them know they’re not alone.

Agents: What You Need to Know by Cecil Murphey—$3.95
If you’re thinking about getting an agent or want to know how to find the best one, this eight-page pamphlet will help you make wise decisions. Topics include: Why Would an Agent Want Me for a Client? Do I Really Need an Agent? Signing with an Agent.

Writing So Heaven Will Be Different compiled by Joyce K. Ellis & Tammie Edington Shaw— ($14.99) sale: $10, limited quantity
Whether you’re an experienced writer or on your way to becoming one, you’ll get caught up in the encouraging success stories as alumni and faculty of the Write-to-Publish Conference pass along skill-building writing tips and practical encouragement for building a writing career and ministry “so heaven will be different.”
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